Asset Management
With iSolutions You Could Analyze:
  • No. of Preventive maintenance( PM) performed for each assets
  • Missed PM, Performance metrics by supervisors
  • Inventory
  • Number of Incidents by Configuration Item
  • Identification of configuration items (servers, printers, routers and switches) having the most incidents.
  • Identification of individuals outside of the asset team modifying the assets information
  • Accuracy of Asset information
  • Time taken to reconcile the inventory
  • Percentage of difference from Base Line
  • iSolution for Asset Management is an out of the box data warehouse tool kit that is specifically designed to cater the analytical reporting requirements of asset management in your organization.
  • iSolution for Asset Management provides a pre-built enterprise data warehouse architecture integrating data from various business areas such as: Asset Maintenance, Inventory, Work Order Management, Maintenance Schedules and Personnel enabling business users to perform separate or combined analytic reporting for those specific asset management subject areas.
  • Additionally, the user interface works with the pre-built reporting layer to show configurable KPIs through various graphical metaphors or tabular reports.
    The isolution comes with a set of dashboards and variety of pre-built reports.
    Isolution for Asset Modules
    • This module keeps track of the asset maintenance performed by the operations division. PM's performed/missed, schedules, worked performed, work order status, response time, job completion time, footage cleaned and footage televised.

    • Inventory in stock, installed in the infrastructure, with crew along with the check out information is captured in this module. The number of distribution and status of the inventory is also displayed.

    • This module keeps track of assigned work requests, schedule and monitor maintenance for crew.This module also providesinsight into all Work Orders, Open Work Orders along with Crew Performance, problem, missed PMs, Overtime, etc.

    • This module enables to monitor the existing and future schedules along with the crew members assigned for the task. It also provides information such as missed maintenance, time taken to complete the task, response time and crew performance.

    • The following information is captured in this module: Actual employees on payroll compared to budgeted employees. Breakup of salary by various accounts such as OCA, overtime, vacation, sick leave etc.

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