Self-Serve Information

Insightful, Visual Interaction

Engaging Opinion Polls

Government bodies and agencies are embracing solutions that enable citizen insight into approved budgets and associated spending. The 2009 Transparency and Open Government Memorandum challenged local governments to deliver clear information on government activities and performance providing Transparency into the results of taxpayer dollar investments. As the public's expectation for Transparency continues, constituents are demanding increased visibility via interactive online presentation of performance information.

' Empower Open Government with PeopleZ ™ - an interactive, online Transparency Solution. '

PeopleZ ™ empowers Open Government by enabling citizen transparency into programs, spending and results. This fully integrated solution delivers an intuitive, online Transparency Portal, engaging Visual Analysis Tools, and Open Data Connectors in the Cloud.

PeopleZ ™ helps your agency …

  • Empower Openness with efficient delivery of information through an insightful, visually interactive portal.
  • Engage Constituents in the process of governing through Open Insight into financial information and opinion polling.
  • Build Public Trust and constituent confidence with clear and consistent availability of information.

' Demonstrate an administration that is efficient, innovative and responsive to their citizens. '

Key Advantages
  • Purpose Built for Government :
    Completely integrated, out-of-the-box solution for delivering meaningful information to your constituencies.
  • Interactive, Citizen Friendly Portal :
    Intuitive and engaging interface enabling citizens to visually assess government investments and results.
  • Engaging Opinion Polls :
    Integrated polling for citizen input on policy decisions to increase participation in the process of governing.
  • Information Self Service :
    On-demand information increasing responsiveness to citizens while minimizing delivery costs.
  • Cost Efficient Delivery :
    A cost efficient pay-for-service delivery model in the Cloud eliminating infrastructure and maintenance costs.

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