Financial Management
With iSolutions You Could
  • Reduce costs with better expense management
  • Increase effectiveness of risk and compliance initiatives
  • Gain visibility into transactions and optimize processing life cycles
  • Reduce operational costs and streamline processes
  • Monitor the daily financial health of the organization
  • Have access to key performance indicators (KPIs) from single interface that can be used to actively guide business performance
  • Achieve auditable, accurate, timely, authoritative financial data
  • Improve overall financial management of the organization
  • Adapt the solution to be used by the different Business.
  • Monitor Employee Movement?
  • iSolution for Financial Management
  • iSolution for Finance provides a pre-built enterprise data warehouse architecture integrating data from various business areas such as: Financial Budget, Human Resources, Purchase Order, Fund Allocation, Revenue; Expenditure, Accounts Receivable/Payables, Encumbrances and Capital Improvement Projects enabling users to perform separate or combined analytic reporting for those specific finance subject areas.
  • Additionally, the user interface works with the pre-built reporting layer to show configurable KPIs through various graphical metaphors or tabular reports.
    The isolution comes with a set of dashboards and variety of pre-built reports.
    iSolution for Finance Modules
    • This module enables the business users to perform analysis such as comparisons of actual financial results with budget by various dimensions such as department, fund, appropriations, category, etc.

    • This module captures information such as payroll details, employee information, vacancies, comparisons of actual salaries to budgeted salaries, overtime, etc.

    • This module enables the business users to compare operating revenues and non-operating revenues. It also helps the users analyze the cash flow, productivity rate and performance. It shows the profit-to-earnings ratio and accounts receivable and accounts payable for the given period.

    • This module captures the vendor payments, invoicing and as well calculates the number of days it takes to process invoices and invoices outstanding. It allows analyzing invoices processed by top vendors and by transaction volume.

    • Business users who use this module can keep track of project funding, monitor the development and implementation of projects and monitor all the aspects of capital improvement projects from a financial prospective.

    iSolution for Finance Dashboard Samples
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