Data Governance

Data governance is a holistic approach to ensure the people, process and technology within your agency are completely aligned. It is a critical issue with potential to impact the profitability and effectiveness of a business. By partnering with your team, we collaborate to create a sustainable and proven approach to elevate your organization's data governance program

As part of our job, we will help you standardize data access across your organization, with well defined roles and responsibilities for your data stewards and data owners. Effectively putting in place policies and procedures for a unified data management approach.

What Zora Offers:

  • Customize an organizational governance model including roles and responsibilities before implementing a new IT solution
  • Enforcement of data cleansing routines, which are based on data quality standards and the organization's business rules
  • Create a operational business process model for managing data and the prescriptive guidance to implementing it
  • Recommend IT landscape that supports corporate goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our Approach:

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