Master Data Management

Across virtually every industry, the volume of operational information about products, customers and suppliers is rising exponentially in both size and complexity. Managing this master-level information proactively as it flows through the business is essential to improving business performance.

MDM is not a solution that can be bought and deployed successfully in isolation. It also requires a rigorous approach to data governance to ensure that people adhere correctly to data policies and procedures..Zora offers a complete range of capabilities to help companies develop and execute effective master data management initiatives.

What Zora Offers:

Zora provides a range of Master Data Management services to help:

  • Develop Strategy

    Create roadmaps

    Create Data standards, policies and procedure

    Implement a business-driven solution.

  • Establish Architectures

    Select tools

    Implement Master Data Repositories.

  • Standardize and Convert Data

    Create industry specific models and transformations.

    Implement data profiling, cleansing and monitoring

    Define Metadata repositories

  • Establish Data Governance

    Establish structures and processes

    Establish metrics to maintain and enrich data quality over time.

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