Data Integration

Many organizations have a proliferation of data repositories or silos, spread across different business units and regions. Couple this with an increasing amount of Mergers and Acquisitions and it is apparent that disparate data, spread far and wide across an organization can be a massive challenge.
Implementing a Data Integration solution allows organizations to effectively consolidate data into a single enterprise wide repository thus providing an accurate basis on which to make effective and informed decisions.

We provide integrated data solutions across all business units, pulling together data sets from a myriad of legacy systems, spreadsheets, databases etc. Applications that we work with include, but are not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), relational sources, Mainframes etc.

What Zora Offers:

Our Data Integration offerings include:

  • Data Integration Architecture Consulting - that helps enterprises align Data Integration technology in line with the growth needs of the business. Organizations are able to handle increased data volumes and complexity using this service.
  • Batch Data Integration Services, Others – Real Time, CDC, Cloud, Unstructured, CEP helps handle emerging Data Integration requirements of high volume batch services, real time services, unstructured data, Big Data and Appliance solutions. It aims to optimize the Data Integration infrastructure to handle increased data volumes and achieve more with less, by using the appropriate integration components in the overall architecture.
  • Application Integration - ensures that data movement between multiple applications is optimized to keep the Data Integration environment easy to maintain. It is also important in order to avoid duplication of data in multiple places and to cater to the business requirements promptly that enables quicker decision making.
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