Data Quality

Without trustworthy, reliable data, decision-making becomes a series of guesses. Developing a successful data quality management program requires identifying how poor data quality impacts the achievement of business objectives and determining the best approach for institutionalizing processes for continuous data quality control and remediation.

Using processes that iteratively sieve through data sets as well as matching them against the organization's agreed definitions or format, we will ensure accurate, complete and consistent data is delivered. We evaluate the landscape and bring in the appropriate resources to develop and refine our solutions to address the specific industry and organization needs of our clients

Zora's implementation philosophy is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Demonstrating business value before implementation by executing a 'proof of benefit';
  • Driving process and organization change early in parallel with infrastructure development – not build a system that no one will use;
  • Starting with small steps, beginning with a single organization to test the processes and technology in real business situations, then scale these up to other divisions;
  • Building momentum and then rapidly deploying solutions to the remainder of the organization once any issues are worked out.
  • Providing support throughout.
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